Incredibly efficient, very professional manager with extensive experience in business and organization development. High energy level, fantastic leadership, cross-functional experience, strategic perspective and hands-on approach.

Piotr Golinski, Providing the best fit in Executive Search and Interim

Bożena Parsons is a very energetic sales leader, creating a strong commercial network relationship. She is result oriented to reach her commitments. Bożena Parsons is a very energetic sales leader, creating a strong commercial network relationship. She is result oriented to reach her commitments.


Philippe Bertrand, EMEA Commercial policies, Channels & Pricing Leader at Eaton 

Bożena Parsons is top of high performers. Delivers highly set targets, successful at the managerial field. Target oriented, strongly experienced in strategic development, with great understanding of business environment. That features make her valuable and unrivalled manager. That was a pleasure to work with Bożena Parsons. 


Ewa Skrzyńska, Interim Manager, Business Lean


Bożena Parsons is task and result oriented, committed to deliver her promises, great team motivator, fights for the team, but tough to her direct reports; she is loyal, honest and hard-working.


Michael Radax, Managing Director bei ÖKI


I worked under Bożena’s Parsons management for 4 years. Bożena Parsons was a perfect sales leader and manager; she created a strong sales team, which built a growing business in the defined area. Having limited resources, Bożena Parsons was always achieving results providing right time push / pull strategy, focusing on customer oriented base approach. I personally bless Bożena Parsons for her kind attention to all of our sales team members, to all her strong contributions in my professional and personal development. I recommend Bożena Parsons as a strong driver for the sales management activities and as an excellent team leader.


Igor Nus, Vice President Sales & BD Europe Ohmium | Renewable Energy | Hydrogen | Decarbonization

Execution of Plan: has strong leadership skills to deliver results. Commitment: high level of ownership works hard and meets commitments. Cares about the business. Team player: well respected by his team and Commercial Staff. Customer focus: strong bias for customer satisfaction, good commercial skills. Strategic:Has vision and creates needs for team into successful commercial model.


Henk Lybaert, Management Consulting Consultant and Professional

Bożena Parsons took over responsibility as a National Sales Manager of Poland for Rowenta products in a really difficult period, reporting to me. She is a strong commercial talent with high engaging abilities. She sets high targets for herself and her team and finds process driven methods to deliver on them. She successfully led a very difficult process of change from indirect to direct sales in Poland in all commercial and operational aspects. She knows how to manage change and delivers on commitments. I admired her high level of professionalism and her outstanding motivation and energy level. It was a big pleasure to work with her.


Martin Buettner, Leadership Consultant & Global Head of Intelligence

Bożena Parsons reported to me as EEN SGM for Lighting and Power Protection. She managed a team of professionals from Poland to mid-Kazakhstan delivering on and above her targets period after period. She set high goals and found people, process and tools to achieve them. She has a mentality of a fighter that never gives up.


Harry Boot, Advisor and X-President ASPAC and EXCO Leader Tate & Lyle.

Bożena Parsons is a passionate leader, highly motivated to achieve big goals. She challenges people she works with on various levels and always supports their professional growth. Over the years that I had the pleasure to work with her as her subordinate, she has always been supportive, motivating and open-minded. She builds teams that can deliver. 

Piotr Grudniewski, Managing Director Central Europe at ERCO

It is a great pleasure for me to write this endorsement. I have worked with Bożena Parsons for many years in various companies, positions and situations, also as a report and non-report. Bożena Parsons is definitely one of the most dedicated, committed and courageous managers I have ever met in my career. She is a natural leader with great ability to manage people. I wish her all the very best!

Wojciech Lisiecki, Sales & Marketing Manager East Europe, Havells Sylvania

Bożena Parsons is very intelligent and can understand a difficult problem immediately just by reading the half of the facts and coming immediately with valid solutions to solve it. Excellent in leading and motivating a team in any situation, being able to integrate people from different business areas, mentalities, nationalities. She knows the right way how to address to her reports and how to report to her managers; to contact with customers and colleagues.


Carlos Diogo, Area Sales Manager at General Electric

Bożena Parsons is a manager takes the lead in idea generation and encourages others to participate. In my opinion, one of her strongest abilities is to created and communicate contingency plans before anticipated market changes. She can drive the organization to emphasize external metrics over internal standards.


Jacek Kapturkiewicz, Area Sales Manager w BEZ TRANSFORMÁTORY a.s. Spółka Akcyjna Oddział w Polsce

Bożena Parsons is a top commercial talent and knows how to engage a team. Her commercial instincts are strong, and she has the persistency and determination we need in GE. In addition, she can recognize talent, and she built an incredible team around her. I will always remember her passion and eagerness to deliver.


Yumi Ng, Director Human Resources EMEA at Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies 


Bożena Parsons built a great team with high level of unity. She set the pace with high targets. At the same time, I emphasize her ability to encourage people to achieve maximum results. I recommend Bożena Parsons as a strong business leader.

Roman Saliyov, Product Manager at DKC Russia

Bożena Parsons has the experience and leadership traits to excel in any commercial role. I worked closely with her while on an expat assignment in Europe, and she delivered above plan results by engaging her team to do more than what was expected. She has great customer skills and would be an asset to any team.

Steven Eddy, GE Appliances

I've been working with Bożena Parsons for over a year now. She is a great boss and well-rounded business leader with exceptional ability to develop multicultural and multinational organizations. Her strategic planning, together with her leadership abilities, leads to tactical solutions resulting in effective executions in every instance. Without any doubt, I recommend Bożena Parsons to any company that seeks a leader with top execution abilities and results.


Ewa M. Rozentalska, Executive & Business Support Azure Cloud & AI EMEA Microsoft Industry Solutions Delivery


Mrs. Parsons is one of the most prominent managers I worked with. Purposeful, result oriented, resourceful, supportive. She teaches and encourages people to go through barriers and achieve results whatever it takes. Mrs. Parsons CAN!


Roman Milstein, Regional manager, CIS - ERCO

I have worked with Bożena Parsons as her subordinate for both Group SEB and GE. She sets very high standards of business and integrity for her partners and colleagues. I enjoyed working with her and I recommend her as a successful leader. 

Mateusz Janowski, Owner, LIGHT WORKS, VAR CASAMBI, Partner: Arditi GmbH, OLFER, HOLDERS TECHNOLOGY

I had the pleasure to work with Bożena Parsons when I was Marketing Manager and responsible for GE Lighting inside Torino 2006 Olympic Sponsorship and also after when we were both colleague, me as RCM and she as SGM including our participation at GE ACMS Training. Bożena Parsons, has a deep knowledge of the entire lighting market, lamps and fixture, joined to a clear strategic vision and able to focus on the critical priorities. Strongly respected by her team and customers, a natural leader. Able to move inside the different business circles, in 2006 she was awarded at EMEA level for the results achieved.


Ettore Fici, Country Manager, South and East Europe at Bridgelux, Inc.