The key to new management opportunities - Interim Management with Parsons Change Management

Small businesses and global corporations alike are looking for ways to optimize their work, increase efficiency and achieve higher profitability. There is a growing demand for experts specializing in management who can lift a company to the next business level. At Parsons Change Management, you will find such specialists.

What is Interim Management?

Interim Management (IM), by definition, is the rapid provision of external senior executives to manage a company's change or transformation and to manage business projects in organizations serving diverse markets and operating in multiple countries. It requires knowledge and skills beyond standard business standards, such as knowledge of local markets and competiton, the legal and financial environment, and the ability to conduct foreign currency transactions. IM is more than hiring a business consultant, as it is designed to help a company recover much faster and more effectively than a consultant could. IM could mean many things, including: occasional export to another foreign country, a more established export strategy, having international agents, partners or even a direct sales force in multiple countries, or carrying out important one-off Strategic Projects. Every step of the way, the IM specialist supports the business in all activities to guarantee the expected change, including ensuring smooth execution, in line with daily operations and the current duties of the staff and the brand. The IM consultant will also take on the task of transforming the company's image in the eyes of principals, customers, business partners and staff, opening up new opportunities for growth and profit.


Who is the Interim Management solution addressed for?

IM can be tailored to the needs of every business (regardless of size or industry) that needs instant response, insider management expertise, fresh insights, innovative solutions and implementation of a new strategy. IM is a great and invaluable solution for:

  • corporations and large multinationals (the IM expert is to support the company in difficult moments, such as during restructuring, taking over the position of the manager and optimizing team work)
  • small enterprises (the IM specialist is to ensure the stability and business development of the company and influence its performance)
  • companies in times of transformation (an IM advisor is expected to help the company go through structural changes, implement new strategic solutions and propose innovative business models to expand into new markets)
  • personnel looking to improve their competencies ( the IM expert's role is to provide training and management consultancy)

How do we implement Interim Management projects?

The implementation of the Interim Management project by Parsons Change Management is a complex process to ensure managers are quickly and efficiently matched with clients and then supported and monitored for results. Working with Parsons Change Management on an Interim Management project involves:

  • initial consultation: at the outset, we conduct an interview and analysis of the client's needs to better understand their business objectives
  • assessment of the business situation: after data collection and discussions, we thoroughly assess the client's situation and determine the areas that need to be transformed
  • selection of specialists: depending on the client's requirements, we appoint experts with the most experience and skills tailored to the needs of the customer
  • presentation: within a few days, we present the client with potential Interim Managers or their team and their scope of work
  • formalizing the cooperation: we help to conclude a clear formal agreement with the selected specialists.

Monitoring project effects and progress: we are involved throughout the duration of the project, offering support and advice. We regularly check the project's progress to ensure all goals are met accordingly.
Project evaluation: at the end of the project, we help to analyze the findings and achievements, plan the next steps and assist with the possible implementation of changes in the company's structure and processes.


Our Interim Management projects are effective and professional business transformation initiatives. Through in-depth analysis of customer needs and precise selection of managers, we support customers to achieve their business goals, ensuring that Interim Management projects are executed efficiently and quickly, with ongoing support and customized approach to their unique business needs.